What's New

What's New



For 2017, Tommyco has partnered with D30, world leader in impact protection materials.  By combining D30 smart materials with Tommyco's innovative designs and patented pressure dispersing covers, we have been able to create the next generation kneepads with ultimate protection and comfort.  Tommyco introduces D30 DUAL DENSITY FLAT TERRAIN KNEEPADS and D30 ANTI-SLIP FLAT TERRAIN KNEEPADS.





Tommyco is introducing two sizes of Safety Kneelers for 2017.  The large size is 23.5 X 11.5 X 1.5" and the small size is 18" X 11.5 X 1".  Both KNEELERS are thicker than most kneelers found in the market for ultimate protection and comfort. For those that do not want to strap on kneepads these are a great solution.


Kneepad Inserts are becoming super popular because of the protection they provide without the hinderance of straps on regular kneepads.  For 2017, Tommyco is introducing two versions of Kneepad Inserts.  Slip these kneepad inserts into the pockets of work trousers and coveralls, that have special pockets for kneepad inserts.





Tommyco introduces our new contoured, low profile kneepads with quality protection NBR foam, incased in a solid neoprene body.  The extremely low profile design means that these kneepads can be worn under or over work pants.

COMFORT CROSS Strapping System

By listening to our customers feedback we've created our new COMFORT CROSS neoprene insert that holds our elastic straps in a criss-cross position.  Our customers have told us that by criss-crossing the straps behind the knee , the kneepads stay in place.  The upper strap no longer slips down behind the knee causing discomfort.  Our new D30 kneepads will be the first to incorporate this new design.  We plan to roll this out to many of our other kneepads in the future.

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