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For the past 32 years Tommyco, under the leadership of our President and Innovator, Tom Lesosky, has continually developed innovative kneepads and kneelers that provide the best possible protection and comfort in the market.  Tommyco has achieved a number of milestones that make it the sought after brand when looking for high quality innovative kneepads.




Tommyco's milestones


  • Started over 32 years ago by inventing the world’s first lightweight foam kneepad that became a generic kneepad sold throughout the world.

  • Maintained the "Made in Canada" production, which ensures quality, along with innovation in North America (most or all other foam kneepads in the market are made in China).

  • Tommyco is recognized as a quality brand throughout the world.

  • Created the first 100% injected “Real” Gel Kneepads that were soon copied by all other kneepad suppliers.

  • Invented pressure dispersing kneepad covers to help re-direct pressure away from the delicate patella bone.  A worldwide patented feature exclusive to Tommyco.

  • Invented a hinge design kneepad that actually “Bends with the Knee!”

  • Introduced environmentally friendly “SafeFoam” kneepads and kneelers.

  • Invented Total Flex Kneepads, the world’s first articulating kneepads.

  • Invented Eliminator Kneepads, the first kneepads to eliminate discomfort caused by having straps behind the knee.



To learn more about our products, please watch the videos below:

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