about Us

Humble Beginnings

It all started 35 years ago when working as an Autobody repair man, I would use the protective foam off new car parts to use as kneepads. Eventually I created Knee Komforts®, the worlds first disposable foam kneepads and went shop to shop selling them to the local auto body repair shops.

Fast forward thirty-five years and we are still focused on creating the worlds best innovative kneepads. Tommyco currently holds 8 world- wide utility patents providing quality second to none. Whether for the weekend Gardener or Industrial contractor, we have the right kneepad for you.

TommyCo’s Milestones

  • Started over 32 years ago by inventing the world’s first lightweight foam kneepad that became a generic kneepad sold throughout the world.
  • Maintained the “Made in Canada” production, which ensures quality, along with innovation in North America (most or all other foam kneepads in the market are made in China).
  • Tommyco is recognized as a quality brand throughout the world.
  • Created the first 100% injected “Real” Gel Kneepads that were soon copied by all other kneepad suppliers.
  • Invented pressure dispersing kneepad covers to help re-direct pressure away from the delicate patella bone.  A worldwide patented feature exclusive to Tommyco.
  • Invented a hinge design kneepad that actually “Bends with the Knee!”
  • Introduced environmentally friendly “SafeFoam” kneepads and kneelers.
  • Invented Total Flex Kneepads, the world’s first articulating kneepads.
  • Invented Eliminator Kneepads, the first kneepads to eliminate discomfort caused by having straps behind the knee.

Why choose TommyCo’ products?

  • Environmentally safe products (no CFC´s, HFC´s, VOC´s or Azodicarbonomide are used in the manufacturing of our Nitrofoam kneepads)
  • Medical grade kneepad (see useful info section for detailed info)
  • Largest maker of Kneepads in North America
  • Innovative products
  • Specialized kneepads (hardware, gardening, military related products)
  • Complete solutions to our kneepads and work gear
  • Factories in Canada and overseas to service your needs wherever you are

About Our Staff

Tommy Lesosky

President and Inventor

Tom founded Tommyco Kneepads in 1985 out of a need. With over 23 years of experience designing and manufacturing kneepads, Tom is considered an authority in this field. Tom has been awarded two Utility Patents, a Design Patent and an Industrial Design Patent for various kneepads. He is continually leading the market by designing and creating innovative kneepads year after year.

Janet Sether Lesosky

VP Sales & Director

Janet started in the Hardware Industry in 1979 selling for her father’s rep company, Don Sether & Associates. Janet bought the company 13 years later, selling it in 2005 to be with her husband Tom and help grow Tommyco Kneepads. Janet’s possesses an extensive knowledge in sales, design and market development. She has successfully sold Tommyco Kneepads into two of the world’s largest retail chains in the United States.